At the present I am teaching game art at The Game Assembly on location in Malmö. I strive to challenge and inspire my students on their first steps to become the future of game making.

Prior to my current status I was employed as game artist and art director at Redikod. We made apps for iOS and Android, web pages and a variety of other software and art related products.

The major goal was to put our games on the map and on your device.


The company is located in Media Evolution City´s facilities in Malmö, Sweden. A formidable cooking pot of talented people, bursting with ideas and producing the tools to make them real.

Due to the restrictions of clients integrity and NDA´s I humbly ask for your patience to take a look at the companys website for more details. Just click the company logo!

During my time at Redikod I also helped out with the visual content development of the game Football Identity. The game making company Communisport has created a real-time football MMO played directly in your browser. The game is going through some really interesting changes. If you like teamwork and the magic behind football, this is your game!




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