Hi, I´m Jacob!

Ever since I got my hands on a Commodore 64, somewhere during the mid 1980´s my whole upbringing has been spiced with a variety of console and computer games. Playing everything on all kinds of devices. When not drawing or playing music. 

I am one of those lucky kids who never stopped drawing. If I had to do only one single thing for the rest of my life it would be just that. Draw. 

But also, being pragmatic and suffering from social needs, I want to be part of a bigger picture. Co-operate, interact and learn from others. It seems to be a never ending ride finding new things to explore and combine and I don´t want to miss that sitting alone in a studio somewhere believing that my dreams are not to be shared with others.

This is my open invitation to whatever comes to your mind.

So, feel free to contact me if you feel we got the same spark!